has more ships than shoes
has more ships than shoes
Sorry to bother you! I know you've got a sheldon/penny rec list and I was wondering if you could help me find a certain fiction? I read it a while ago and it was very popular but can't seem to find it any more on fanfiction. Sheldon and penny sleep together while drunk, the next morning he kicks her out and refuses to talk to her. She turns out pregnant. The rest of the gang are gone for a while... like six months or so. I remember a old boyfriend comes back and hurts penny while pregnant.
— Anonymous

I’m sorry, but I don’t know that fic! Perhaps you can ask a Shenny community? I apologize for being no help. TTnTT

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Fic Rec: [Glee] Sam/Rachel - You And Me Were The Dream I've Been Saving

Don’t know why I’m revisiting Samchel, because I know now it’s never gonna be canon, what with Glee ending soon. But this fic, it just made my entire freaking week. It is so beautiful. And the plot, so cliche yet so exciting. When I was reading it, I got fuzzy feelings inside and I thought, this, this is love. Pure, heartfelt, sincere love. My first post after a long while is to recommend this fic. Really, guys. This is brilliant.

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When a fanfic has been updated after a long while.

When a fanfic has been updated after a long while.

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I see you ship Hitsuruki. If you're interested, the most popular fanfiction of it is Conversing the Dragon, by BlackBelt, if you'd like to read that one. I would recommend my own but I'm not sure if that's okay? Also, I know quite a few others that are really good. Are you open for Hitsuruki discussion? Sorry if this is too forward it's just not everyday I run into Hitsuruki shippers and I',m always excited to meet new ones. Thanks and have a nice day.

Oh hello, fellow HitsuRuki shipper! Thank you for the fanfic rec, I think I’ve read Conversing The Dragon, although that was long ago; I certainly wouldn’t mind reading it again~And I’m always looking new fanfics, so go ahead, recommend away! I most definitely am open to HitsuRuki talk. And yes, we shippers of crack pairings have to stick together xD And trust me, I was really excited when I saw that I had mail. You made my day. ^^

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"Just wanna say that Sansa’s dress looks more like a crow than a mockingbird."
— Why yes, I do ship Jon x Sansa.
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Starks: Descent into madness darkness

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My roommate just started watching The Mentalist and is nearly finished with the whole series in just three weeks. I applaud her commitment.

Me: So, do you think there’s something between Jane and Lisbon?

Roomie: -unhesitatingly- Yes.

Me: :D

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do n ‘t  l  e  t   g   o

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Game Of Thrones: S04E07 - Mockingbird

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